Car Title Loan for Legal Fee

Employing the service of a top legal advisor can be expensive. For many reasons, a lot of people need the service of an advocate to take up their take maybe its seeking redress on cheating, enforcing a contract or initiating a divorce. The plaintiff has to raise a considerably large sum of money within a short time to engage the service of an attorney.

Imagine being broke in this situation with nobody to turn to for financial assistance; it can be discouraging and frustrating especially when your chance of getting a loan from traditional lenders is not feasible due to your bad credit status. However, there is an option that allows you to fight your legal battle – it is a car title loan.

A car title loan is granted based on the value of the car that you have fully paid for, that is, a car that you own outright. As the car owner, you pledge your car title in exchange for the amount you need. The car owner retains the car possession throughout the loan repayment time. Other requirements necessary to get a title loan include a certificate of ownership, utility bill, owner’s personal detail and others which vary according to the lender.

How a Car Title Loan can Work for You

Wondering how a car title loan can help you fight your legal battle? Imagine a case where you are going through a divorce process; the lawyer is expected to charge between a thousand to ten thousand dollars depending on your local and the prowess of your attorney. This is not the full fee; you will still pay around $100 -$500 per hours for the advocate’s service. In total, you will be parting with close to $20,000 or more, a price that can set a low-income earner back substantially.

 Considering that you will have some of the fee saved up and you could use your credit card, you may still fall short of the $20,000. Rather than giving up the fight, the car title loan can be the difference maker. They are easily accessible,and the entire application process is seamless and almost automated.

Regardless of your credit score, with a title loan, you can get up to 50% of your car’s value in a couple of hours. With the type of fast process and the significant amount involved, you can keep your attorney and let him handle your legal issues.

Is a car title loan a good alternative?

There are several arguments levied against title loans in that some lenders charge a humongous interest rate; this is not entirely through as this interest rate is highly affordable when compared to loans such as payday loan.

Also, a car title loan is convenient and extremely fast. The damages with the delay experienced from traditional loan may be irreparable as it always takes time rendering the loan got useless eventually.

 In conclusion, car title loan can save you when it comes to seeking your right through an attorney. Don’t allow your chances of getting justice go begging, consider a car title loan as a good option.